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Heidi Helyard | Silicone Mould Design 09 (GLOSS)

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I’m so excited to share this series of moulds with you! All the shapes (aside from the plain mini circle studs) are designed, hand cut from polymer clay and sanded by me. The moulds are poured and finished by me.

This mould will allow you to create several pairs of drop earrings, or you can use the top components to create some stud earrings.

Please see the listing images for measurements and all the shapes in this mould have a GLOSS finish.

The moulds themselves are 12cm square.

Please note: these are not made using machine cut acrylic blanks, they are handmade from polymer clay. As with all handmade polymer clay and silicone products, sometimes minor flaws can occur. However I use the same blanks and moulds for my own work that I sell, and I am extremely fussy and would only sell moulds I would be happy to use.

The moulds themselves are made from Pinkysil, made by Barnes Products, an extremely high-quality silicone. These moulds are made for use with epoxy resin only (not UV resin) and cannot be used with polymer clay (they cannot be placed in an oven).

The moulds are made to order, so please allow (maximum) 10 days turnaround plus shipping time.

Note: Moulds don’t last forever. Repeated use means the silicone will eventually fade in time to a lighter colour, and will begin to stick to your resin. It’s impossible to say exactly how many casts you will get from a mould, as different resins react differently to silicone.

Refer to the leaflet supplied with your mould for more information.